Monday, 14 October 2013


This will be short.

I was too busy this week, next week looks easy neither, so I apologise and recommend watching&studying&discussing the social good at social enterprises.

I guess you still can find some videos at Mashable's livestream archives here.

You can search social enterprises at DeepDyve that is a professional service, in this case not cheap as well. Only for committed people. You can study here from a wide selection of 32 million articles. Lots of articles in the topic social enterprise as well.

Finally, the best way to discuss what you read about is Guardian Social Enterprise Group at Linkedin. Feel free to join. If you haven't joined Linkedin yet, it is the best time to do it. Linkedin has a free version, so you don't need to worry about your money, you can upgrade later any time.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

SocialGood making easy

I would like to review 3 Mashable-SocialGoodSummit videos I have been watching recently. I am still wondering why I still cannot come up with a good business idea... Maybe I am not so creative. This is possible really. Maybe that is not even my task. What about social media?

I have heard in one of the videos that Bill Gates told us social media was not for social good today. If I say it, I cannot sleep two nights :), but his name is Bill Gates. Maybe he is right. I do not know. Social media is just a platform. I could say funnily:
we need more naive and diligent people that are able to engage other people to participate and organise social media in a way supporting social good effectively. I think there are so many developers that they should recruit testers to make more and more people tech-savy in an adequate manner. Just prevent overstatement.

Watching the two persons from Zimbabwe was glamorous. They were so enthusiastic, and optimistic about the future. They told us about a project where furniture was built from billboard. To be honest I could not imagine that, but they showed a photo about a chair that was made by the above mentioned method.

What really made me enthusiastic was the #zerohungerchallange project. They have not only great social impact but great success as well. Everyone who feels empathy should support and donate them.