Thursday, 3 October 2013

SocialGood making easy

I would like to review 3 Mashable-SocialGoodSummit videos I have been watching recently. I am still wondering why I still cannot come up with a good business idea... Maybe I am not so creative. This is possible really. Maybe that is not even my task. What about social media?

I have heard in one of the videos that Bill Gates told us social media was not for social good today. If I say it, I cannot sleep two nights :), but his name is Bill Gates. Maybe he is right. I do not know. Social media is just a platform. I could say funnily:
we need more naive and diligent people that are able to engage other people to participate and organise social media in a way supporting social good effectively. I think there are so many developers that they should recruit testers to make more and more people tech-savy in an adequate manner. Just prevent overstatement.

Watching the two persons from Zimbabwe was glamorous. They were so enthusiastic, and optimistic about the future. They told us about a project where furniture was built from billboard. To be honest I could not imagine that, but they showed a photo about a chair that was made by the above mentioned method.

What really made me enthusiastic was the #zerohungerchallange project. They have not only great social impact but great success as well. Everyone who feels empathy should support and donate them.

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